Starting a Blog

Here I am… starting a blog! This is something I have wanted to do for a LONG time! This is actually my second blog, but the first didn’t feel right to me. The name wasn’t right, and there was no full vision for it other than being an outlet for me.

The inspiration for Green Up Well came from friends interested, and asking about what natural cleaners I use, and how they could make their homes a bit more green. I realized if the amount of people I know in my small circle don’t know where to start, then there must be so many more people out there, that just don’t know where to start making these changes.

I was one of those people once too! I have always been a nature-loving person, and then I became a parent suddenly running a home! I always saw motherhood as playing with kids all the time. I never really considered the fact that I would also become a maid or a chef, and also find the best of everything for my family – on a budget.

My drive to remove toxins from my family’s lives comes from a number of things: cancer, allergies, money to name a few (more on all that later).

I hope to help people start somewhere. And as I create this blog, and hope that I can make it as great for you as I want it to be – I, in turn, am making changes and finding my own set of challenges.

“Oh wait! I need a picture of that!”

I’m now taking pictures of everything I do. It’s funny… I could just write and write and write, but I have to stop in my tracks to take pictures now. I was cleaning the sink the other day, and stopped for several photo shoots. And of course, as an artist, I’m totally staging out the whole frame. I hope along with the content I share with you, my photos will also give you a chuckle like they are for me. And if I don’t have pictures in my posts, know that I will most likely add them in later – or not.

Will I make sense?

My mind jumps around from topic to topic so fast! I hope that I’m able to reel it in for you to all understand and follow me. Please. Please let me know if I make no sense. Ask me questions, and help me become the superb blogger I long to be.

Stick with me

If you’re reading this, and it’s one of my first posts… stick with me. Follow me. I need you. You will help me keep this drive going. I don’t want to let you down. I want to help you, humor you, and also learn from you.

If you ever want to know something specific, reach out to me! Send me an email at If it’s something I haven’t figured out yet, I will figure it out for you – and for me. We are all in this together.


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