Why Do I Green Up?

There are several reasons why I’ve decided to Green Up my family’s life. Here’s my story…

It all started with an allergic reaction. My husband and I decided to do a food detox, and it ended up bringing out some allergies I had no idea existed. The biggest offender? Benzoyl Alcohol. Now go look at 3 skin/hair products and tell me if you see benzoyl alcohol listed in the ingredients. Chances are, you will.

There aren’t many lotions without it, which led me to find alternative moisturizers, which I will discuss in a future posts.

The second, and most important reason we Green Up, is cancer. Unfortunately cancer has had a major impact on our family. The biggest, for me, is when it took my Dad. It was devastating! My shine…dimmed… big time! Soon after my father passed away, my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She battled it hard and won! (Yay Mom!)

Many products and foods have been linked to cancer. I lost trust in every single company out there. There have been recalls, and companies have resolved issues—but it’s hard to trust still. Three of my four grandparents had some form of cancer as well. It’s necessary for me to be cautious about what goes in and on my family’s bodies.

The third reason… money. Having a green way of life is not at all a budget breaking way of life. The opposite in fact. We have chosen to be a 1.25 income family. To do so, we must make cuts to unnecessary expenses. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. (Reason four)

There you have it…why I Green Up…for wellness.

I’ve had successes and failures along the way, and more to learn and explore. My circle of people have begun asking me about how they too can make changes. Their interest in what I’ve done inspired this blog. I hope I can help many make healthy changes big and small.

Are you ready to Green Up Well?!

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