Our Paper Towel-less Home

Your what now?

Our paper towel-less home! We don’t use paper towels…. and we prefer it!

Nearly four years ago, we made the very scary swap from paper towels to cloth towels. It didn’t come with some doubt. I honestly felt like it wasn’t possible for my family to go paper towel-less. We used so many throughout the day; while cooking, for napkins, clean-up and so on. I was stuck on how this could work.

But guess what? It worked! And it works really well.

While some choose to make the switch gradually by replacing specific clean up (ah-hem, green up) jobs with cloths… ease into it. We went cold turkey when money got tight due to a job loss (while pregnant), we needed to get creative. I purchased 40 all white towels – spending the equivalent of one large value pack of paper towels when we were just about out of them. Making this change would hopefully save us almost $300 per year based on using 1-2 rolls a week!

Setting Up

Most of us are accustomed to a paper towel roll holder being a fixture in the kitchen. Usually on the counter or attached under one of the cabinets. Always by the sink… where you’ll need to come up with your clean towel storage.


about a weeks worth of towels for our family of 5+ visitors

Our clean towels are in this pretty pitcher we received as a wedding gift. The rest of the towels – the stash – go in a cabinet or drawer, also near the sink. Easy access is key.


dirty towels are tossed in a bin hidden inside a cabinet

How about the dirty towels?

Think about where your dirty paper towels go? Either the trash, or recycling if you’re extra awesome. We chose to clear out a lower cabinet next to the sink, and use a bin for our dirty towels. I know I accidentally threw away some cloths while I adjusted to our new ways. Every new habit takes time to adjust – don’t give up!

We have been using cloth towels for nearly 4 years now and neither myself or my husband have any desire to go back to using paper. We have had rolls of paper towels here and there throughout the years. Each time we do, we realize how much more we prefer cloth.

So how about you?

Do you see yourself or your family switching out paper for cloth for clean ups?

Are you willing to GREEN UP?

Tell me your feelings/fears/successes in the comments… I look forward to hearing from you.



    1. I get it. It felt so scary to try, but it turned out that we prefer the cloth. Start small, replace one job at a time. You’ll be shunning those giant rolls in no time at all! 🙂


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