Essential Oils

An increasingly bigger part of my natural world involves essential oils. I’ve been intrigued by them for years, and now studying them very closely. Essential oils have been a game changer for my family’s overall wellness in a very positive way.

As I explore the world of essential oils, how amazing they are, I can’t help but wonder how much of a placebo effect they have on me. I’ve decided to learn about them slowly and carefully to document what works and what doesn’t and then share my findings with you.

If you’re paying attention, you will see that essential oils are popping up everywhere… especially in the big box stores. I think it’s wonderful, because these little oils can have a BIG positive impact on us. However, be cautious in purchasing your oils, you want to make sure they are 100% natural (therapeutic grade) and do not contain synthetics.

After some research, I put my trust with Young Living Essential Oils. They have a seed to seal guarantee that is the soul of their work. For me, the whole point of switching to essential oils was to remove toxins from my family’s lives. Taking our modern day needs back to nature is my ultimate goal. The oils with synthetics are more affordable, but using them also means you’re still potentially exposed to toxic chemicals.

These synthetic laden essentials were, however, a gateway for me in my oily journey. I tried multiple brands, but didn’t start to see a tangible improvement until I started using the Young Living Essential Oils.

A good example is in my lavender oil experience. I started out with an impulse drive to Whole Foods to pick up lavender for my beloved drier balls. This was a crucial shift in my journey to Green Up my home—I haven’t used a drier sheet since!

About half way through the bottle, the top began to get really sticky. I also began seeing oil spots on some of my clothes. This encouraged me to find another brand. I was concerned about our budget, so I went with an affordable brand. I was pretty excited that it came with a dropper, which I envisioned would make using it even easier.

What first stood out to me was how different it smelled from my Whole Foods lavender.

That’s weird, shouldn’t all lavenders smell the same?

Both bottles claimed to be 100% lavender. Obviously something was not right. I tucked that thought in my little mental list of questions and carried on using the new cheaper oil.

Here is my show stopper moment…


What in the world is that black stuff??
The record screeches to a halt…

At this point, I have just been turned onto Young Living with the discovery of Thieves (oh how I love Thieves) when my baby and I both somehow came down with the coxsockie virus (hand-foot-mouth disease). In a desperate effort to help knock the virus out of him STAT, I searched deep into the internet and came across several mentions of Thieves essential oil… enter Young Living Essential Oils.

A friend of mine sold them, I reached out to her for her member number and placed an order for 15mL of Thieves oil and a bottle of Thieves cleaner. Afterwards, I read some more and realized I could get the Thieves Starter Kit for a little bit more and get a discount because buying the kit made me a member. I called up Young Living’s customer care to make the switch and reprocess my order.

Game Changer… seriously…

While all the of the Thieves products that come with the kit are fantastic (more on that later), I began to explore the other oils offered through Young Living little-by-little. Fast forward 4 months, and I’m hooked! I’m also a little bit kicking myself for not getting the Premium Starter Kit + Thieves cleaner. Here is why…

The Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 (5mL) essential oils that are good for so many things. I am slowly buying the starter kit oils one-by-one because my family has responded so well to every oil we have tried. This kit is diverse, and is an excellent starting point for getting into using essential oils regularly.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 2.34.25 PM

You’ll also receive an essential oils diffuser with the kit. There are 4 to choose from at different price points – I like the dew drop, but have not yet tried the others.

I swear by this plant magic! I have seen positive physical, emotional and mental changes since exploring Young Living Essential Oils. And this is after many years of using oils (here and there). Nothing, in my experience, compares to these powerful little oils!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic liquids derived from plants, containing the natural smell and characteristics of the plant. They are extracted primarily through steam distillation. They are often called the “life blood” of the plant because they carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the plant system much like our blood does for our bodies.

Essential oils are:

  • Extracted from trees, shrubs, flowers, stems and seeds
  • Don’t have a shelf life – they last a long, long time (ah-hem, think cooking…)
  • The oldest known form of medicine, dating back to 4500BC

Properties of Essential Oils

Essential oils are helpful for supporting ALL systems of the body:

  • Skeletal
  • Muscular
  • Cardiovascular
  • Digestive
  • Endocrine
  • Nervous
  • Respiratory
  • Lymphatic
  • Urinary
  • Reproductive
  • Structures and functions of the body

Ways to Use Essential Oils


This is one of my favorites. The difference in mood in my home once the diffuser is turned on is incredible. In this season of life, before and after school are big diffuser times. The crankiness, the whining, the fighting, resistance to all things… turned around to delightful connecting with my guys.

Do you burn candles in your home to improve the smell? Fabreze? Plug-Ins? All these things are made with chemicals most of the time – artificial scents. They are masking odors in your home and spilling chemicals in the air that are then inhaled by yourself and your family and/or guests. Essential oils are safe, they are nature… Young Living Essential Oils are 100% from nature. The oils purify the air, make your home smell good without chemicals, are great for respiratory support and crazy kids!

When inhaling, it takes 22 seconds for an oil to reach the brain. The only way to reach limbic system is through smell, which is why oils are such a great option for those needing support for their nervous systems.


Apply oils to the area where you want to provide support. Essential oils are rapidly absorbed by the skin. When they are applied topically, it takes 2-3 seconds for an oil to reach the bloodstream, 20 minutes to affect every cell in the body, then metabolized within 2 1/2 hours. Pretty cool, huh?

It’s pretty simple, apply oils to the area where you want to provide support. Some favorite places are wrists, behind the ears, neck, temples, stomach and feet. There are safety measures to using oils such as never placing them inside your ears or eyes and some need to be diluted with a carrier oil. Be sure to read the labels for usage information.


Let me tell you how good Thyme oil is on roasted potatoes… oh my goodness. Two drops of this goodness right on the potatoes, stir it up and roast! Every bite has a perfectly seasoned delicious taste. Even better, these oils don’t expire like the traditional fresh or dried spices from the market.

While cooking is one of the ways to use your oils internally, you can also add them to your drink, put them in capsules or use as suppositories. Not all oils can be taken internally, so be sure to read the labels before consuming.

Using oils internally has been my last choice method so far because of breastfeeding. There are some oils that are not recommended for use while breastfeeding, so I have plans to explore this option once baby and I wrap up our nursing journey together.

I’m looking forward to adding drops of lemon to my water – I love me some lemon water! The lemon oil won’t mess with your tooth enamel like a fresh squeeze of lemon – and it will be a heck of a lot easier to have that recommended drink of lemon water first thing in the morning. Once I begin using the oils internally, I will report back – I promise.

Essential Oils In Your Home

Anyone who has spent some time with me recently has heard about my discoveries with Young Living Essential Oils. I am so impressed with them, that I can’t stop talking about them. I wish everyone had this plant magic working for them in their bodies and homes. Anyone who signs up as a member under me, using the link below and through-out this article, will not only begin a truly positive life-change – but will also be given a wonderful set of resources to help guide you through their many uses.

Use this link to get started: Young Living Member 10431003

How I Use Essential Oils

Along the way I will post about my essential oil successes. You can search through the Essential Oils Category found on the margin of each page. I will also post links to the articles here as they are posted. I believe with my heart in these oils, I hope you all try to incorporate them into your lives as well…as Green Up Well. ❤


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