What’s the Hold Up?

There has been a great deal of pause on Green Up Well! Since my last post, I have drafted (electronically) 12 posts. As well, I have handwritten quite a few. This Mama needed some mental time!

I have scribble here, scribble there… MANY photos of things I do on my phone…messages between friends, study groups, my children…collecting sharable information for sweet, sweet Green Up Well.

There is all sorts of research that goes into the ways I choose to live and improve my life and home. It’s a process for me, it’s a process for us all. My process includes reading, trying, making, failing, succeeding, forgetting, embracing, trying again, failing again, discovering… dedication!

I vow to only be true. Real. Kind.

I’m hoping to blast these drafts to publish soon. All I need for some posts are a few good photos. And for the rest, a little more research, and a little more courage. There are two things I most certainly can share in this brief, thoughtful, post…

  1. Essential Oils… not just any essential oil… Young Living Essential Oils. These oils have rocked my world in the most beautiful way. I have a vision, a hope, that all my loved people one day have their own arsenal of Young Living Essential Oils in their lives.
  2. Toryen Cleaning Cloth… coined as the only cleaning cloth you will ever need. I was honestly wrongly disappointed when I first received it. I thought it was so much like paper, that I had made a huge mistake. Let me tell you, that cloth… cleans ALL the things, and without scratches. My first impression was very wrong. I loved it so much that I developed a relationship with its founder. She is so kind, and so generous to offer us all a 10% discount using the code GREENUPWELL for purchases over $20. That’s going to end up being a 3 pack or more. It’s worth it, trust me.

While this is going to be a post without any photos, it’s also, a touch, a gateway to the notion that not all posts need them. I have talked with many people, and they all want the content… the photos can come later. It’s empowering to me to send off a brief, off-the-cuff post that humanizes myself for you, and encourages the driving force behind Green Up Well.

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*cover photo was a last minute touch from a photo I took in Mexico many moons ago

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