Start Here: Green Up Well

What if you could cut your grocery trip shorter? Only shop the parameters…

…my cousin once gave up the middle aisles for lent- a great time to try something new! With kids it’s tough to give up the snack aisle. However, with everything you would like to change or improve… baby steps.

There are lessons to learn as we experience the baby steps of children in our lives. First the baby learns to hold up their head, then roll, then crawl, then walk. Some do things in different orders – the point is, slow and steady is the natural progression of human development.

I have 3 children. Each one has been wildly different from the other. Yet, almost immediately we are swept into this mold of how things “should” be. I can remember working with 3 different nurses trying to navigate my first go at breastfeeding. Each one gave me a different approach and it left me confused, frustrated and totally let down. I felt like a failure. Gratefully, I was given two more opportunities to try again.

The point is, take the reins on your OWN journey. The information I share here is based on my journey.

I hope to inspire you.

I’ve taken these lessons from my personal breastfeeding journey and applied them to all the goals I set for myself and my family. To accomplish goals, it’s helpful to have the following tools:

  • Dedication
  • Support
  • Acceptance in ‘failing’
  • Willingness to try again
  • Ability to stand tall in adversity

Overnight is not the timeline to expect – unless you’re Santa! It’s been a long journey for me. I have been inspired by my own curiosity, research and trial and error along the way. Being able to celebrate my personal accomplishment to Green UP inspires me to share my journey, and help you!

How does the household cleaning aisle smell to you?

I popped into the cleaning aisle with my oldest recently. We were hunting for a better mop option for tile floors. My son said,

“It smells so disgusting in this aisle.
Can we get out of here?”

Sure he’s heard me say this before. We are proud to celebrate our personal accomplishment to remove toxic chemicals from our home. It’s surprising how the once clean smell of that aisle dramatically changes into a choking, headache inducing aroma. Kind of like when you quit smoking and then discover what you actually smelled like when you come across a smoker.

Let’s be sure you’re aware, as you continue to read this – that our home was once fully stocked with toxic cleaning products. I set a goal for ourselves. I failed countless times. Now I share my discoveries with you in an effort to help anyone who was like me… with a goal and no good place to start.

Here is how I ditched the cleaning aisle, and transformed my home from toxic to clean. Well, as clean as it gets with 3 little boys!

Step One: Make a Wish List

I’m a list-making junkie. Also a hopeless-romantic in search of the perfect journal. I save all my journals, doodle pads and idea books. When I get a chance to look through them, they all have lists.

I’ve created a Toxic to Clean Wishlist for you to use as you wish. On here, write down all the products, tasks or supplies you wish to Green UP along the way.



Here is an example of my wishlist. I love to add items to my list as I check things off and learn from my failures and successes. I have been busy taking notes and creating drafts about every step along my journey. Stick with me as I slowly share about each item.

First up: kitchen, bathroom, laundry, general housekeeping… I hope you will choose to follow Green UP Well and allow me to help you in your journey.


Remember to be kind to yourself. Maybe it will feel overwhelming to list out ALL the things. You may even just have ONE thing you want to replace — that’s a GREAT start! I encourage you to do this and follow this very important next step…

Step Two: Begin to Replace, Slow and Steady…

“I’m almost out of _____________________, I’d like to replace it with a non-toxic.”

Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself and feel like now you have to change every darn thing you’ve ever known about housekeeping and personal care products.

That would be silly.

I am not suggesting the order in which you change things up.

I don’t like to waste things, therefore my approach was to switch products up as they ran out. Our budget is tight. Replacement buying helped me shift our spending and stick to the budget. This is your journey… I’m just here to inspire and encourage you.

One of the most helpful tools for me was participating in MightyFix. MightyFix is a very helpful (and surprisingly very exciting) monthly subscription. You receive a product to help you live healthier and greener once a month for just $10 per month. Often times the product you receive is valued greater than $10. There are no extra shipping or tax fees, it’s all built into the $10 per month promise.

We have yet to be let down with our monthly MightyFix. I’m working on an article that reviews the great products we’ve received.

The very first product I received was a set of wool dryer balls. This is honestly one of the quickest and easiest Green UPs thus far. Pair it up with some essential oils and all your systems will thank you.

Try the MightyFix for only $3 with promo code DRYERFIX2017 and get 3 Dryer Balls your first month.

One-by-one knock items off your list by replacing things just before you add them to your grocery list. Let’s not go spend any extra dollars on things that don’t work!


As I publish these articles, I will link them back to this one.

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry Room
  • General Housekeeping

My goal is to provide you with easy tools to help you reach your goals. It’s what I needed along my journey. I hope to pay it forward to you who also have the desire to Green UP Well.

Peace, love and kindness,


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