Spring Diffuser Blends

I am SUPER ready for spring!

Here in New Jersey, we have had a major tease with some 70 degree days a few weeks ago – followed by TWO March snow storms. We’re ready for the earth to wake up!

I’m ready to feel the positive spring energy that fuels my soul. I’m kicking it off inside my home with our favorite spring inspired diffuser blends.

GREEN UP WELL_Spring Diffuser Blends

Print this bad boy and tape it to the inside of one of your kitchen cabinets – or wherever your diffuser and essential oils live.


Better known as LLP, a handy acronym for the pollen punching combo of lavender, lemon and peppermint essential oils. If you experience the downfall of spring air – try out this combo STAT!


Purification blend is perfectly named, it is just that. Purification paired with lavender essential oil promotes a fresh and calming atmosphere in your diffused space.


If you like the smell of fresh cut flowers, get this combo in your diffuser. As an added bonus, it will run you around 60 cents. I hear a lot of, “it’s too expensive.” Response, NOPE!


Walk me out, in the morning dew today. I played with this one a bit. It was inspired by seeing many blends with just Vetiver and Lemon for the fresh rain smell. We typically use vetiver for focus… a topic that I’m currently working through in a major way. As I navigate it, the aroma of vetiver is very strong to me. I decreased the vetiver and added lavender for the win!


Sharing my favorite diffuser blends has been on my list of posts for a very long time. This blend will ALWAYS have a place. It was inspired by a blend called “calm” that was passed along to me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the source to give a shout out… but I can’t let that stop me from sharing it’s goodness. In the diffuser, my home (which includes THREE young and energetic boys) calms. Probably because Mama can calm… which is why my “Mama Roller” is the same combination. Frankincense + Copaiba = Mary Poppins type of vibe.


Thieves and lemon… a STAPLE in our home. Just like we always have bananas, salt, toilet paper and water… we have Thieves blend and lemon essential oil.


For wellness! WELL, WELL, WELL… you can never tell…

It’s fascinating, the resistance to essential oils that is out there. But THIEVES… ‘ol faithful is a MUST try! If you could, refrain from negative talk about essential oils until AFTER you try using the Thieves blend and products. You just gotta poke around…

I hope you enjoy these blends. I would love to hear what you think and learn from you too! What’s your favorite spring-time diffuser blend?

Learn more about essential oils by clicking HERE.

If I have inspired you to try Young Living Essential Oils, please use my member ID# 10431003 as your sponsor and enroller when prompted. This helps support my sweet little family. If your buddy sent you here to learn, ask him/her for their member ID… they love you- love them back 🙂

Peace and love,



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