An Oily (AF) Day

Before I used quality essential oils, I was scared of them. There were so many warnings about how to use them that I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t be bothered.

Once I got the good stuff… a beautiful door opened for myself and my family, and now we are oily AF, with no looking back!

Here is what a day looks like for us.


See the whole timeline by clicking here!

Pro Tip

Ssslllloooooooowwlly incorporate essential oils into your daily routines.

Why? So you’re not overwhelmed!

Pick one or two oils, set a reminder for yourself and take things slow… It takes around 21 days to establish a new habit.

How to Get Oiling

Out of all the different brands of essential oils out there, I have found Young Living to be by far the best quality. Their process goes above organic with their seed to seal guarantee.

You can trust that your cute little bottle of mother natures finest work is exactly what you expect!

Learn more about essential oils in my blog post: Essential Oils

It’s so exciting for me when people take the reins on their wellness with essential oils. Starting your oily journey with me, by using my member ID# 10431004 helps my family try out new things and report back. ❤

I will provide you with resources and an oily community for support and love.


How about you? What is your favorite oily daily routine? Or, if you haven’t used essential oils, what are some of the questions you have about them?

With peace, love and kindness,


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